On Prayer – Matthew 6:9-11 (Paul Washer)

Paul Washer emphasizes the vital need for prayer for future ministers from Matthew 6:9-11. This message will benefit all Christians who desire to grow in God-centered prayer.

Highlights of the message:

  • Your prayer life must be based on your knowledge of God
  • Meditating deeply on Scripture helps you pray biblically
  • The great privilege of even being able to use God’s name to pray
  • The need for both boldness and reverence in approaching God in prayer
  • Zeal for God’s name as a primary motivation in all things

Questions for Study

These questions are based on the information from this message and follow the order of the talk. Some of the questions may challenge you to think beyond what you hear and take what you learn a step further through application or bringing in knowledge you might already have.

  1. What is the main point of this particular Bible text according to Washer?
  2. How do you think prayer and knowledge of God work together? What might happen if you are strong in one area but not the other?
  3. What is the difference between a very smart man and someone who is actually useful for Christ’s service? How might this be an encouragement to you?
  4. What should happen to our minds the more we read Scripture? In what ways should our Bible knowledge improve our prayer lives? What might be some ways you can begin to apply this?
  5. Do you think Paul Washer is right about his criticism of people who have an overly casual attitude in prayer? What might be some biblical truths that would support or refute his comments? How do you think our understanding of who God is should shape our attitude in how we approach Him?
  6. How should knowing that God is our Father shape our prayer life? How do we balance an understanding of God as Father with His holiness and majesty?
  7. How should God’s desire to glorify His name shape our prayer life? In what ways do some prayers not have this as a central focus?
  8. What do you think is the most important thing you learned from this message that you should apply to your prayer life?
Jim Rosenquist

Jim Rosenquist

Jim is Founder, Editor, and Author at 4Elect. He holds a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary. Jim rejoices that God chooses insignificant people to bring glory to Himself.

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