Reject Complacency and Live an Exceptional Christian Life

Why Prayer is Hard and How to Make it Easier

Prayer can be hard work. Most Christians are probably not happy with their prayer life and know they need to improve. Here are some helps identifying problems and how to make prayer easier.

How to Make God’s Kingdom More Important Than Money

Money and materialism can be a real hindrance to the Christian life and love for God. Yet these things are a necessary part of life. How do we seek Christ’s kingdom first without letting money get in the way? Jesus tells us how in Matthew.

How to Read the Bible Devotionally

There are many ways to read the Bible depending on what you want to accomplish (topical, exegetical, etc.). But how should we read the Bible for the greatest spiritual edification? How should our Bible reading fit in with God’s goals for us? We answer that question and present a model for devotional reading.

Head, Heart, Hands – How to Apply the Bible to Your Entire Self

Most Christians know they need to apply God’s truth to their lives. But often we forget to apply it to all of who we are and not just a part. The “Head, Heart, Hands” method of application helps us think holistically about how God wants to form all of who we are into the image of Jesus Christ.

How to Have a Right Relationship With God

The most important thing in your life is your relationship with God. Why? God is the “Greatest Good.” There is nothing better for a person than God. And the condition of your relationship with God determines your eternal destiny.

Love God With All Your Mind (R.C. Sproul)

R.C. Sproul explains how the mind is corrupted by sin and the priority of loving God with the mind must first start with a new spirit. Then he explains the connection between loving God with knowing and worshiping Him.

The End and Purpose of the World (R.C. Sproul)

Have you ever wondered why all things exist? Does the universe and everything in it have some grand meaning or is it all meaningless? Is the meaning of all things something we can know or is it shrouded in mystery? Fortunately for us, God has not left the meaning of the world a complete mystery.

What is Sanctification? (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

The Christian life is not merely about rejoicing in the power of Christ for salvation. The power of Christ is at work in Christians so that they may truly consider themselves “dead to sin.” Dr. Martyn Llloyd-Jones explains this from Romans ch.6-8.

A Reformation of the Heart (Sinclair Ferguson)

The Protestant Reformation was about more than a recovery of the Bible and its doctrine of salvation. God was ultimately dealing with the problem of the human heart and spiritual death through His grace in Christ.

Divine Eternity and the Challenge of Creation (James Dolezal)

When God created everything, did He “become” Creator and thereby change? Or was God always Creator even before things began to exist? This advanced theology lecture touches on God’s unchangeableness, His eternal nature, and how He interacts with His creation.

Wisdom for Dealing With Anger

If you struggle with anger, or have to deal with someone who does, you may know how destructive this sin can be. The book of Proverbs has several insights into the nature of anger and how to handle it.

The Puritan View of Prayer: Taking Hold of God

Joel Beeke, minister and president of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, explains why prayer should be an absolutely indispensable part of the Christian’s life and ministry drawing from lessons he learned studying the Puritans.

5 Protections from the Antichrists

Though the Antichrist is a figure that will come in the future, many don’t realize that other antichrists are actively opposing the work of Jesus Christ now. Learn how to be protected from their deceptions.

How Love Fulfills the Law of God

How does the New Testament relate to the Old Testament? Do any Old Testament laws apply to the Christian today? If so, how much? Romans 13:8-10 connects love and the law in some very interesting ways.

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